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Welspun One launches India’s first interactive Investor Portal in the Private Equity Space

Anshul Singhal

Managing Director, Welspun One

20 April, 2023

Digitisation has brought to the forefront a primary prerequisite for all businesses – Easy accessibility to data. When critical information and updates are effortlessly handy, it not only aids in enabling business decisions, it is also a reflection of an organisation’s strong commitment to trust and transparency in its processes and operations. Welspun One, has consistently endeavoured to remain transparent in all its transactions with their clients ensuring the highest level of corporate governance. As a part of its continual effort, Welspun One launched India’ s first Investor portal, an exclusive initiative in the Indian private equity space which sets the gold standard for investor reporting and transparency. This is a first for a developer that aims to make information as accessible as possible.

The portal provides the investor with relevant information with regard to his investment all in one place, anytime and at the click of a button. It is a web-based service which an investor can access using a PAN number and OTP based login. The portal is organized in to two key sections- a document repository and the investment and portfolio dashboard.

Document repository:

The document repository provides the investor with a repository of all investment documents including the private placement memorandum, copies of executed on-boarding documents and contribution agreement, historical and current statements of account, tax statements, quarterly investor reports, etc.

Portfolio dashboard:

The investment and portfolio dashboard provides a summary of the investment and the underlying assets. The investment summary provides information on the investment amount committed by the investor, amounts drawn down to date, next drawdown date and amount and current value of the investment. The portfolio dashboard provides details of the underlying portfolio assets including a break-down of the investment amount by asset and total square footage of the portfolio broken down by asset, development and leasing status. In addition, the investor can also look at granular information on each asset including progress of construction and leasing complete with photos and drone videos of the site to monitor physical site progress. 178 investors are part of this interactive dashboard.

The investor portal is a step to address one of the key challenges which investors face in the Indian private equity segment- the perception that these funds are “black boxes” where the investor does not have enough visibility on the performance of the investment through the life of the fund. It is paramount that every investor has seamless and transparent access to investment performance information, thus easing the post-investment journey of every investor. This initiative is also an extension of the Welspun Worlds ethos of customer centricity and strong emphasis on being a market leader in ESG practices across each of its businesses.

A special task force was assigned to deliver this high-functioning microsite in record time. The cross-functional team had on board experts across different departments aligned to bring to fruition this unique proposition. As the microsite aims to deliver direct material, the platform serves not just for existing investors but for potential investors that are intrigued about this fund model

Welspun One, a Grade-A warehouse developer is also the first to launch a warehousing AIF in India. For the first time, domestic investors can partake in the Indian warehousing growth story across the asset creation cycle right from the land buying stage and through the leasing, development and exit of the asset with a potential to earn attractive returns. Welspun One has now raised the largest AIF in warehousing at INR 2000 crore that includes a greenshoe option of INR 1000 crores. This fund has a Pan-India development plan targeting national development of 8-12 million sq. ft. in opportunity based Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities and in-city projects in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.