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Logistics is on the wheels, even during a global pandemic.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, frontline logistics workers across the world continue to experience a critical shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and other safety gears.

Frontline logistic workers- from truck drivers and dock workers to purchasing agents and housekeeping staff, to warehouse coordinators and supply chain professionals- are working tirelessly and going beyond the call of duty to help deliver critical medical equipment, essential groceries and many other products in the remotest parts of the world, while keeping the shelves stocked with goods.

A small gesture of generosity &
gratitude brings hope & happiness to:

45350+ people globally

Though across the globe, either the lockdown has been lifted partially or fully, the pressing need is to equip these warriors, who have been working relentlessly and placing their lives in jeopardy, to ensure the continuous supply of vital goods. 

Acknowledging this necessity for a healthy logistics ecosystem, we have launched a humanitarian initiative- the #SupplyChainofGratitude, encouraging warehousing and logistics companies across the globe to bridge the demand-supply gap of PPE and other essentials among the marginalised frontline logistics workers and their families.

We hope these small yet significant steps taken by various organizations will have a greater ripple effect. Let us pledge to understand the need gaps and offer care in safeguarding the warehousing and logistics communities in our vicinity.

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Here are some of the many stories that we believe may encourage global players to support their local logistics communities with means to combat the virus.


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