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Continue owning your land while enjoying returns from a Grade A warehousing development.

We offer a Development Management Programme (DMP) for select funds, clients, and landowners who wish to continue owning their assets. We manage and grow your warehousing assets by providing clear and uncompromised services, optimising income yields and monetising the potential of the assets.


Funds and fund managers

We understand the needs of those who wish to deploy capital and take advantage of warehousing asset returns but do not have large in-house teams to manage conversion, construction, and leasing risk. We step in not only to de-risk your investments but also to develop the latest and best-in-class industrial & warehousing facilities for you.

E-commerce players, 3PL clients, and other customers

For a few select customers who wish to monetise both sides of the spectrum—wherein you lease your building while owning it we ensure land sourcing, conversion, and compliance. We provide end-to-end development solutions by delivering a finished product and managing the property, saving them from the hassles of developing a large in-house team.

Landowners and Indian family offices

We understand that land in India is scarce, hard to accumulate, and, in most cases, a valued family asset. For you to continue owning your land while generating long-term rentals for your family, we serve as your development management partner, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds.

What Is Our DMP Model?

Under our DMP model, we step in as your turn-key partner, treating your asset as our own. Prior to taking up a project, we run a rigorous evaluation process to determine the suitability of your site in terms of location, connectivity, access, and legal & statutory compliance to provide you and your future tenants assurance of a fully compliant Grade A project. We structure this in a variety of formats, where we are compensated for our DMP services by way of a combination of a fixed management fee and/or revenue or a profit share.

Why Do We Offer a DMP?

In line with our vision to solve the locational needs of our customers, our DMP offering allows us to unlock large parcels of land. These are otherwise off the market since the owners do not wish to sell them. Thus, the DMP proposition is a win-win for both: the landowners and our customers.

Leasing Is Our Key Focus and Forte

We have strong relationships with an array of clients from 3PL, e-commerce, FMCG, retail, automobiles, the engineering industry, etc. We leverage these relationships to run soft checks on lease feasibility to furnish you with a market view on the potential of your site, even before we break ground.

We Manage the Leasing Process

Our in-house lease management team guides you from correctly positioning and marketing a site to finding the right tenant, efficiently configuring the project to meet tenant requirements, and negotiating and executing our ‘One Gold Standard’ lease documents.

What Does Our Scope Include?

We never lose sight of our goal: to deliver Grade A industrial & warehousing parks to our clients on time within budgets, by ensuring seamless site selection, project financing, construction, contracting, project management, lease management, property/asset management, and divestment. We offer the DMP proposition only as an end-to-end offering and not as a separate service.

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